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High School Football Playoff

Before the 1970s, many states won the crown of state champions by voting, but play-off systems have since become almost universal, with most states gradually increasing the number of teams eligible for participation and the total number of classifications. Although the play-off scheme and the number of eligible teams vary. Regional champions will compete in the playoff round elimination – a tradition borrowed from pro football instead of college – to determine a state champion for each size category.

However, some states do not have state championships. In those states, regional state champions hold Crown State championships for schools.

Outside of playoff tournaments, high school football is also popular on Thanksgiving. Due to its overlap with the playoff season, many teams relinquished their rights to a play-off tournament to participate in the exhibition competition games held over the Thanksgiving weekend. Others will play a competitive game only if they do not qualify for the playoffs. Many state championship tournaments are purposefully scheduled to end on Thanksgiving weekend.

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